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The "Wienerwald"

Wienerwald The "Wienerwald" which reaches from the danube in the North  right across to the thermal region in the south, has been acknowledged by the UNESCO as one of the few bioshere reserves world wide.

The "Wienerwald" is also one of the largest broad-leaved forest in Europe. 

Points of interest for your sightseeing trip are the monasteries in "Heiligenkreuz" and "Klosterneuburg", the "Seegrotte" in Hinterbrühl (the largest subterranean lake in Europe), the natural reserve in Purbach and off course the many walking and mountainbike treks.

Then you can drive through the picturesque "Helenental"(a valley which brings you right to Baden) guarded by the many ruins along the way.
Just ask us at reception and we will be happy to assist you with brochures and one or the other insider tip to make your day a special one.
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