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StepahansdomJust 30 minutes away from the "Almstüberl" you will find Austrias capital city of Vienna.
Thanks to the many pompous buildings, reminders of the Roman and Austrian Emporer Era and the manifold of the cultural events and exhibitions, Vienna has become a very popular tourist destination. 
Because of its many famous composers(Beethoven, Mozart, Mahler etc) who have written a lot of their works here, Vienna got the reputation as "Music Capital" and made it famous around the world.


SchönbrunnGuests are driven by carriages to the inner city of Vienna - which is also a world heritage site - and where they will find St. Stephans cathedral. Not far away they will find the National Opera and many other famous buildings, all reminders of our glorious past. Right in the center you will also find the "Kärntner Strasse", Austrias most frequented and famous shopping promenade (make sure you have got your credit card handy).
Some of the famous "Cafe's" as well as many of the 5* hotels are right in the city center


Lots of tourist come in December to visit one or more of the many Christmas fairs which you can find all across the city. And off course its the beginning of the Ball Season, Viennese people are very fond of their "Ball's"!
Most of the sights in Vienna are open all year.

To give you a real good idea of the most visited sights around Vienna, we have put together a really interesting collection of "links"!

This will give you a good idea of what to expect and maybe you will find the right places for you to go.