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Trips around

We have tried to put together a few interesting day-trips for you to enjoy!

Pressbaum - Stift Heiligenkreuz - Helenental - Baden and back!

BadenVon Leaving Pressbaum you follow the road via "Wolfsgraben", "Breitenfurt West" and the "Heiligenkreuzer Strasse" right through the middle of the "Wienerwald" to reach Heiligenkreuz.
The monastery is situated right in the middle of the little township and got even more famous because of the visitif "Pope Benedikt" on the 9th of September 2007.
The monastery was founded some 900 years ago and has even got an thelogical university where young priests are educated since 1802!
Everybody is welcome to visit and have a look around.
Leaving Heiligenkreuz you will have a short drive of about 13km through the picturesque "Helenental" to reach Baden.

The healing and calming sulphor and thermal springs of Baden have an average temperture of 36 degrees.
You will find Villas, Palais, noble houses and squares, designed and built during the "Biedermeier period" and the "Art Nouveau" by great architects like Carl von Moreau, Josef Kornhäusel and Otto Wagner.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Ludwig van Beethoven also composed in Baden. Other famous composer who lived here for different periods of time were Franz Liszt, Josef Lanner, Carl Michael Ziehrer und Karl Millöcker.

Next to excellent red wines from the region Baden offers you the first and oldest "Casino" of Austria. Since its reconstruction it can also call itself one of Europe's most beautiful and largest Casinos and offers you a lot of things to play with...!

Pressbaum nach Heiligenkreuz      Heiligenkreuz nach Baden      Von Baden zurück über das Helenental und die Autobahn nach Pressbaum      Stift Heiligenkreuz