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Thermal region

ThermenregionThe "Thermal Region" is situated to the south of Vienna and borders to the east to the "Wienerwald"! 
It's climate is nearly mediteranean and well balanced as it is very close to the Hungarian climate.
Because of this climate great red wines are typical for the region as are full bodied white wines.
Wine lovers from all over the world appreciate the wines here.

ThermenregionYou can visit many old castles and ruins, reminders of our medieval past as well as monasteries and convents.
All the way you will find medieval churches and as far as you can look you will see vineyards and little villages.

The healing and calming sulphor- and thermal springs around the area were already used by the Romans some time ago.

Last but not least the Thermal Region is one of the strongest economical regions in Austria.
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