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Around the Almstüberl

Very close to the "Almstüberl" you will find a lot of really attractive points of interest for a relaxed sightseeing trip:



The Wienerwald is one of the local recreation areas of the Viennese people. Next to many walking and hiking treks you will also find some very well known monestaries, like "Stift Heiligenkreuz", which was just recently visited by Pope Benedikt.


The Almstüberl is only about 30 minutes away from the city center of Vienna. From there you can visit all attractions from Vienna.


Austrians call the region to the south of Vienna with it's villages like Baden, Gumpoldskirchen, Bad Vöslau and many more the "Thermal Region" or Thermenregion. Next to many hot springs, this is one of Austria's important wine region.  You will find many great sights, old villages and most of all many wine cellars where you can encounter one of the hundreds of "Heurige" and "Buschenschank", so typical for this part of Austria.(These are places where you will great wine and food at very affordable prices and you may even end up taking a few bottles back home) 

Nationalpark NeusiedlerseeNeusiedlersee

To the east of Austria, a mere 60 minutes by car from the "Almstüberl" you will find a real Juwel of the Austrian landscape.
Around the "Neusiedlersee" you will find picturesque villages where you can stroll around, excellent wineries and lots of pure nature which invites you to treat your soul with a walk around the reeds.